The custom-made pontoon-type houseboat

Armadia Coastal Catamaran combines the best of all worlds: an innovative pontoon boat, combining the convenience and benefits attributed to a houseboat, while having an elegant design and avant-garde specifications, including its great navigation capacity.

Armadia houseboat is a platform mounted on aluminum pontoon floats, up to 25 meters (80 feet). It is much more stable, it has a larger living area and offers more spacious rooms than a Cruiser boat or any other type of pontoon boat in the same range.

On two floors, Armadia houseboat offers all the amenities of a house, on the water! Everything is possible: sun terrace, comfortable room, practical kitchen, BBQ area and even a spa ...

Armadia pontoon boat is a custom houseboat, built to your image, allowing you to navigate in peace on large waterways.

Innovative Features 

  • Aluminum pontoon floats with avant-garde design (an alloy specifically designed for boats): oversized front of the new pontoon floats allows better buoyancy and flow through the towering waves;
  • Navigation capacity increased: ability to navigate Armadia houseboat with excellent stability, safely, on various large waterways;
  • The rear of the new pontoon floats, with a practical and unique design, provides a safe and easy access to residents and passengers of the floating home;
  • Solid floor base made of NIDA-CORE composite, honeycomb shaped cells, offers an extreme mildew resistance.
  • Houseboat structure made of aluminum maximize the living space for an efficient nautical ergonomics;
  • Low fuel consumption, engine(s) of the pontoon at the customer's choice.

And more...  

  • Several seats, both inside and outside, on the first and the second floor of the pontoon-type houseboat;
  • Waterproof Indoor floor: choice of over 50 colors of bamboo flooring;
  • Noble woods, imported fabrics, stylish counters and personalized decoration;
  • Quality, style, elegance and distinction of design, materials and equipments;
  • Ergonomic storage space carefully optimized.

Houseboat Interior

Armadia houseboat is developed on the principle of optimal nautical ergonomic. It includes a master bedroom that can contain additional elements. The interior also includes a bathroom with shower, a kitchen with a refrigerator, a stove, a microwave oven and a double sink. In addition, the kitchen of the houseboat also offers cabinets and all desired amenities.



The interior of the houseboat includes a comfortable sofa, a dining table and a living room. At the front end, cockpit and navigation instruments are configured to keep an eye on the system and on the waterway while enjoying the living space of the houseboat.


In terms of decoration, the choice of colors and finish materials of the furniture is at your discretion based on a proposed catalogue.

You can change the interior of the Armadia Coastal Catamaran as you wish. Its luxurious design, particularly very innovative, respects an inspired and personalized style in order to create a unique houseboat.

Houseboat Exterior

Fiberglass panels are used for exterior finish and windows are tailored to ensure the elegance of the  houseboat shapes. To customize your pontoon-type houseboat, you can add decals of your choice on the outside walls. Armadia Coastal Catamaran is built to reflect your own taste.

The exterior is constructed to withstand summer weather conditions in Quebec and equivalent regions. The front section of the pontoon-type houseboat includes a spacious table and benches for outdoor dining.



On the second floor sun deck can be equipped with a multitude of options including: a second cockpit, a fixed or removable roof, a relaxation area, a Jacuzzi and a bar. The top is accessible from the rear by a spiral staircase.


The pontoon boat is powered by outboard motor(s) and houseboat power is provided by batteries. Armadia Coastal Catamaran is made strictly according to Construction Standards for Small Vessels of Transport Canada.