Unique Features

Discover the innovative features that make Armadia houseboat a coastal catamaran alone in its class.

Custom-Made Houseboat

Armadia Houseboat is custom-made, designed according to your needs and personalized to your image and tastes.

DEMO An Experience to Live

Navigating with Armadia Houseboat is a unique sensation. Book a demo soon and enjoy the EXPERIENCE.


The Armadia Houseboat or Pontoon Boat

Armadia Coastal Catamaran combines the best of all worlds: an innovative pontoon boat, combining the convenience and benefits attributed to a houseboat, while having an elegant design and avant-garde specifications, including its great navigation capacity, all developed by Team Armadia.

IMG_4937A very spacious houseboat

Armadia houseboat is a platform mounted on aluminum pontoon floats, up to 25 meters (80 feet). It is much more stable, it has a larger living area and offers more spacious rooms than a Cruiser boat or any other type of pontoon boat in the same range.

On two floors, Armadia houseboat offers all the amenities of a house, on the water! Everything is possible: sun terrace, comfortable room, practical kitchen, BBQ area and even a spa... Armadia pontoon boat is a custom houseboat, built to your image.

Navigate with Armadia houseboat to experience it : BOOK your DEMO >>
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